Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are a great easy way to welcome customers into your business. Nu-Vu Glass has A.A.A.D.M. certified trained installers and inspectors that can make putting in a new Tormax Automatic or a Horton door quick and easy. Do you need to repair your existing Stanley or Gyro-Tech door? We fix all makes and styles of automatic doors and handicap operators. Our A.A.A.D.M certified installers will not only repair your automatic door but will also make sure that your door is up to current ANSI standards to insure that you have a safe quality door in your business. Let us give you a quote on installing a new or repairing an old automatic door!

Low Energy Doors

What is a low energy door? Also known as handicap operators, a low energy door is an automated hinged door that uses no more than 15lbs of torque to open or close. Interested? Check out Tormax Automatic or Horton Automatic, they are easy to install and look great. Low Energy Doors are a great addition to any small business. These doors allow your customers to effortlessly enter your business with just the push of a button. Handicap operators are ADA compliant and work great in almost any application.

High Energy Doors

Do you have a high traffic entrance? Does your business have problems with high winds? Then you need a high energy automatic door. There are lots of options to choose from when looking at high energy automatic doors. Open up with a pair of Tormax Automatic heavy duty sliding doors or swing open with a hinged Stanley Automatic operator. We can customize these doors to fit your needs. Give Nu-Vu Glass a call to learn more out the many options available.

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